Coffee Shop

Tabash traditional hotel

In the past, wine cellars were meeting spaces where people used to gather for conversation and temporary rest, drink syrup and discuss local issues of the day. It was in these places that Iranians listened to the poems and stories of the Shahnameh with great enthusiasm.

Sharbat Khana, as its name suggests, was a place to drink syrup. Cities like Samarkand, Isfahan, Shiraz were important centers for the formation of wineries. They met some of the needs of the society and people exchanged cultural and social opinions in these places. People from every class and group would gather in the storerooms every day after giving up their daily work and talk to each other for hours. For the first time, reading the Shahnameh became popular in the storehouses. Reading the Shahnameh was a school for transferring the Iranian culture and literature, and teaching the customs and traditions of the past lives to the mass of people.

Tabash traditional hotel pantry with plastered walls, wooden table and chairs, antique and old dishes and fresh flowers on the table, faucets and the appearance of Chinese knots, five-door windows and the view of the yard and pond and the sound of the water fountain, the pleasure of drinking a It has doubled the original Shirazi herbs.

Apart from that, traditional music inspires the experience of stepping into the forties. The cafe's food is also delicious and apart from all kinds of syrups, ice creams, original Shirazi faludeh is served with Shirazi lemon juice.

Hearty breakfast served in colored glass and old crystal dishes and traditional spirits, and you can taste the pleasure of tea in narrow-waisted glasses from a teapot and a nostalgic samovar.

Coffee Shop menu:

All kinds of hot and cold drinks and all kinds of coffees, all kinds of teas, green tea, black tea, cinnamon tea, saffron tea, ginger tea, etc.

khaksheer nesteran musk willow, sherbet egg nestern musk willow, lemon, cucumber and coriander, etc.

Lemon rose water, saffron rose water, spring orange syrup and…