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Tabash traditional hotel

Tabesh Traditional Hotel located in the center of the city and historical tourism texture of Shiraz, Fars province.
This historical building which dates back to Qajar period , has been registered as one of the national monuments of Iran and has been renovated and restored over three years.
In 1400, it was put into operations on two floors with different design of living spaces, which have independent bathrooms and toilets.
In this complex, which has traditional texture with authentic Iranian architecture , you can see Chinese knot fences, sashes and five doors,plaster decorations,Orosi,Panjdari with colored glasses and old wooden doors,all of which are around a beautiful yard with a pond and orange trees in the center. Also tiling with design of chicken flower and painted wooden ceiling , attract the attention of every viewer.
Tabesh Traditional Hotel has convenient and ideal access to many historical ,pilgrimage and tourism places in Shiraz. With a five or ten minute walk ,you can have the experience being in Vakil bazar,Vakil bathroom,Vakil mosque, Karimkhan Zand citadel, Holy shrine (Shahcheragh),Shapouri mansion ,Zinat Mulk House,Naranjestan Garden,Nasir Mulk Mosque,and the tomb of Siboye and etc.
By staying at this hotel, you can experience the moments of authentic Iranian life.

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Unique architecture

This historical building has stucco decorations, doors, sashes and wooden windows and old wooden ceilings. In this collection of tilings with flower designs on the walls and painted wooden ceilings attract the eyes and attract the attention of every viewer.

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Peaceful and pleasant atmosphere

This building has 8 rooms with separate toilets and bathrooms, a restaurant with a traditional menu of authentic Shirazi, Iranian dishes, and a coffee shop with a menu of fragrant herbs from Fars and traditional teas, Shirazi Falodeh, etc. You will experience authentic Iranian traditional life.