The beginning of the sightseeing places of Shiraz starts with the Qur’an Gate and this historical structure welcomes travelers in the northeast of the city. The historical Qur’an gate is the surviving of the total of 6 gates of Shiraz, which was built during the time of “Azd al-Dawla Deilmi”, one of the emirs of the Al-Buyeh dynasty. It is said that a Quran was placed at the head of this gate by his order so that the city’s residents and travelers would reach their destination safely under the protection of God.

With the rebuilding of the building during the time of Karim Khan Zand, two volumes of the Quran were moved to the chamber above the structure. The verses of these Qurans were written with the art of calligraphy by one of the princes of the Timurid artist named “Sultan Ibrahim bin Shahrukh Timuri” and these exquisite Qurans are now located in the treasure of historical works of Pars Museum. Hafiziya and Jahannama garden are among the sights of Shiraz around the Koran Gate. Also, the tomb of Khajovi Kermani, one of the other famous places in Shiraz, is located a few meters from this gate. Address: Azadarah Shiraz – Marodasht, Imam Reza Blvd., entrance of Shiraz city Visiting hours: 24 hours a day

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