Shahcheragh is one of the famous sights of Shiraz and one of the most famous religious attractions in Iran. Travelers of Shiraz do not leave the city without going to this royal palace and spend a few hours in the peace of this court. Shahcharagh is the tomb of the brothers of the 8th Imam of Shiites, Reza (a.s.), and this is a reason for the high value of this shrine among the people of Shiraz and the travelers of the city.

The main tomb of Shahcheragh is the tomb of “Ahmed bin Musa”, the eldest son of the 7th Imam, and his younger brother is buried in the northeast side of it. In Shahcheragh, you will see authentic Iranian and Islamic architecture and enjoy the elegance of the art of tile work and mirror work in this building.

The dome of Shahcharagh will make you forget its beauty and you will not get enough of watching the colors of blue, turquoise, azure, black, white, yellow and gold tiles in it. Two tall garlands complete the beauty of this dome.

As soon as you enter the shrine, you will notice the elegance of the art of mirroring and the impressive reflection of light in this spiritual space. The use of colored glass has made this attraction more spectacular and also the art of tiling has given the interior of the shrine a beautiful color. Around the tiles and mirrors, you can see sentences in Arabic and Persian that add to the beauty of the collection. The holy shrine is placed under the dome, with a body of silver, and it shines like a diamond in the play of light and mirrors on the ceiling and wall of the shrine.

Address: Lotfali Khan Zand St., Dastghib Blvd., 9th St

Visiting hours: 24 hours a day

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